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Oct 11, 2018:RT @Bob_Fischer: My book is out today! 'Wiffle Lever To Full!' is about my childhood obsessions with Dr Who, Star Wars, Blake's 7 etc, and?


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Entertaining review of 'The Whitby Scar' in R2 Magazine:

'..A celebration, or perhaps warning, of all things Whitby, the thirteen songs gathered here mix and (mis-) match styles with abandon, so there's a bit of Ron Burgundy jazz flute on 'Boosbeck Bossa Nova' twisted hymnal reverie on 'Maidens' Garlands' and a bit of morris dancing on the wonderfully daft 'Hole of Horcum'. The eccentricity is quintessentially English and, more specifically, northern English...'

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 '...Reminiscent sometimes of Bonzo Dog style.....this excellent album.'


The Whitby Scar...A selection of songs inspired by the sight, smells & history of the ancient port of Whitby.

This LP draws on the weird myths and legends of Whitby to offer a selection of ballads and instrumentals based on the past but fit for the twenty-first century.

From astonishing tales of magnificent beasts ('Gytrash of Goathland') to mysterious landscapes ('Hidden Harbour'; 'Burnt House') and ridiculous local characters ('Running Reverend') by way of cult rituals ('Maidens' Garlands') The Whitby Scar has something for every discerning seeker of the truth.

Download now from iTunes, hold it in your glorious hand by ordering from the 'Shop' page, go to , or amazon.


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